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HR Function
February 07, 2018
How long should you keep employee records for?
Do you know when to delete the information you hold on ex-employees and unsuccessful candidates? GDPR sets out strict guidelines on how you store and use personal data, and that includes employee records.
employees and GDPR
Law & Legislation
January 26, 2018
10 things to tell your employees about GDPR
Informing your employees might help to ease your GDPR pains. Let your employees know these ten points before May 25th, 2018.
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Employee Relations
January 24, 2018
Can HR give a bad reference?
You aren’t obliged by law to give ‘a positive reference or none at all’. You are only required to give a ‘fair and accurate’ reference. But what does this mean? And how do you deal with a reference request for an ex-employee who wasn’t very good?
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Law & Legislation
January 08, 2018
GDPR – Can I Process Next of Kin Details?
This article investigates how GDPR will affect the processing of next of kin data, and what you need to do to make sure you remain complaint after May 25th.
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Employee Relations
December 06, 2017
The benefits of delegating responsibility within your business
The People Development Network say there are three main reasons people don't delegate their responsibility. Discover the reasons and how you can avoid them.
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Culture & Engagement
November 29, 2017
Equity theory: Helping your employees feel more fairly paid
Equity theory (Adams, 1965) is all about whether or not employees feel they are being paid fairly. An employee who feels they are paid less may try to ‘reclaim’ what they are ‘owed’, by showing up late – or even stealing!