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HR Software
October 24, 2018
The best HR reports to produce for your business
Want to produce useful HR insights that help your business grow? Let’s explore some of the best HR reports to produce for your business, that help you take meaningful action.
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Corporate Strategy
October 17, 2018
Work until you drop: how the long-hours culture is killing us
9 out of 10 Brits admitted to dragging themselves to work even when they fell sick. But the long-hours culture might be killing all of us, from high-level executives to entry-level employees.
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Health & Safety
October 15, 2018
Why I am becoming a mental health first aider
Some experts are sceptical about mental health first aid training. But surely, having a mental health first aider is better than not having one? This is why I decided to take the plunge.
October 10, 2018
Meaningful measures for workplace mental health
Businesses are beginning to recognise responsibility for the health, wellbeing and happiness of their employees, but are the right measures being employed?
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HR Function
October 03, 2018
How outsourcing has changed the HR department: the pros and cons
Outsourcing. It can save money and hassle, but should you really outsource your HR department? Or should you keep it in-house? Let’s explore the pros and cons of both options.
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Employee Relations
September 05, 2018
How to help leavers handle the handover process
When an employee decides they're leaving, the handover process is one of the most important activities to get right. Here's some advice.