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Glassdoor is a popular online platform that allows employees to share their experiences and reviews of companies they have worked for and provide salary information and interview insights.  


With millions of reviews and job listings, Glassdoor has become a valuable resource for job seekers and employers. 


If you are a user of Glassdoor, Access PeopleHR is pleased to offer seamless integration with our HR software platform. This integration allows you to leverage the powerful tools of both systems to streamline your HR processes and make your HR department even more efficient. 


Here are some key benefits of integrating Glassdoor with Access PeopleHR: 


  • Streamlined recruiting: With the integration of Glassdoor and Access PeopleHR, you can easily manage your job postings and applications from one platform. This can save you time and ensure that you never miss a great candidate. 


  • Better candidate tracking: The integration allows you to automatically import candidate data from Glassdoor into Access PeopleHR, making it easy to keep track of each candidate's progress through the recruiting process. 


  • Improved candidate experience: With Access PeopleHR's integration with Glassdoor, you can provide a seamless and streamlined experience for candidates, from the initial job search to the hiring process. 


  • Easy review management: With Glassdoor's reviews being seamlessly integrated with Access PeopleHR, you can easily monitor your company's reputation and make any necessary improvements to your company culture and practices. 


  • Enhanced reporting: The integration allows for robust reporting on a candidate and employee data, providing valuable insights that can help you make informed HR decisions. 


Integrating Access PeopleHR with Glassdoor is easy and seamless and can have a significant positive impact on your HR processes.


If you're interested in learning more, speak to an expert today.

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