Improve workforce productivity and automate your time system

Revolutionise the way you manage employee time and attendance with People HR’s time and attendance software. Not only will you be able to closely monitor how effectively business time is being used, but you’ll give your employees a simple way to clock in everyday.

Timesheets will be automatically populated by one of our cost-effective clocking in solutions. But if you want to take it one step further, you can even log time on specific projects and tasks. And with a powerful reporting suite on hand, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into how your employees' time is being utilised.

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Key features of our time and attendance software

Transform the way you capture and manage employee attendance. Our attendance system empowers employees to accurately populate their timesheets with their phone, or with one of our many other innovative timekeeping solutions.


Clever, cost-effective timekeeping codes

Our unique 6-digit employee codes or QR code clocking allow employees to only log time when they are at work. This clever solution is simple, efficient and cost-effective.


Virtually log time on projects

Allow employees to manually type their time in/time out. Alternatively, you can use the clock icon to automatically record the time they spend on specific project.


Auto-populated timesheets

Automatically populate timesheets with data by using any of our time saving methods when your employees clock in or out.


Payroll time and attendance

All timesheet data collected in our time and attendance system can also be used to calculate variable pay elements like overtime or shift working.


Integrate existing time and attendance software

Is your attendance system working perfectly already? Integrate it through our flexible API and streamline reporting with all your employee management information in one place.

Flexible timesheets for all rotas

Quickly and easily create timesheets for all working patterns.

You can specify working hours and days, as well as ‘Week On Week Off’ shift patterns. Our attendance software will even automatically calculate pro rata entitlement, so payroll isn’t such a complex task.

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Integrate time & attendance  with your other business software

We’ve teamed up with some of the most popular applications which will help you to automate even more routine HR tasks. Make HR software even faster and easier by browsing our integrations directory below.

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Live & automated time and attendance software

Our time attendance system uses real-time data feeds so you can effectively manage employee time, whether they’re in the office, or are part of a remote team.

We provide many flexible ways to customise your time management solutions, so you have a tailored attendance software that suits your exact business requirements.

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Discover time logging software

Clocking in and clocking out is a tried and tested time and attendance system. But with new times, new attendance software is needed. That’s why with People HR’s time and attendance system, employees can automatically record clock-ins and clock-outs in a number of ways:

  • By tapping in and out physically
  • With a QR code
  • Virtually via the People HR mobile app
  • Automatically with Geo Sensing on location
  • Or by using biometrics
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Review & authorise attendance with ease

A full authorisation process is embedded in our time and attendance software. Managers can review and authorise employees’ time-tracking to verify attendance data is accurate at all times. So you have full visibility of who is using their time effectively, and you can take proactive steps to plan with those who aren’t.

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Discover powerful time analytics

Real-time detailed time and attendance data is regularly fed directly to your custom reporting suite. You’ll be able to see an in-depth analysis of how employees utilise their time, including exportable graphs and charts that visualise attendance and prompt discussions. And with actionable insights at just the click of a button, our time and attendance system will ensure reporting will never have to be a chore again

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In-built Bradford Factor scoring

Automatically calculate the impact of short, frequent and unplanned absences caused by persistent lateness. Manage the disruption they cause by providing employees with targeted time and attendance support.

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What customers say about our time and attendance systems for small businesses

No more manually processing
"Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips."
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1st Technologies1st Technologies
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Used daily
"The People HR system is really in line with our culture and we see our people use it pretty much every day"
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Kim DeverallElla's Kitchen
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Single point of truth we were looking for
"I have found People to be the supportive, single point of truth we were looking for"
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Kuoni TravelKuoni Travel
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Time and attendance software FAQs

Time and attendance is the process of tracking work hours to monitor late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks, as well as planned and unplanned absences. This is important because employee punctuality and attendance are vital to business productivity. On the other hand, poor timekeeping and absenteeism can result in operational failures and spiralling costs. If you do not accurately track employee time and attendance it could also result in: 


  • Under or over staffing 
  • Scheduling and rota failures 
  • Time theft (in the form of extra paid holidays or hours) 
  • Non-compliance with the law  
  • Payroll errors, and more

Keeping track of time and attendance manually is a tedious data-entry overhead. It makes it impossible to make informed decisions in real-time. And reporting on the data is also time intensive and error-prone. Switch to time and attendance software and you will be able to: 


  • Create dynamic rotas to suit any schedule 
  • Enable employees to clock in and out on a computer, mobile device or time clock 
  • Automatically populate timesheets
  • Streamline time-off requests and approvals
  • Accurately calculate variable pay elements
  • Generate in depth reports on time and attendance with actionable insights on how you can improve profitability

Unplanned absences can last anywhere from a few minutes to a number of days or many months. Persistent lateness can often be more disruptive than short spells of sickness. The Bradford Factor takes this into account and provides HR professionals with a way to measure the impact on the business. Visit our guide on Bradford Factor Scoring to find the calculation and benefits


Things that small businesses should consider when choosing a time and attendance system include whether the software:


  1. Has been designed by HR experts and built by specialist software developers? 
  2. Is cloud-based to help lower the cost of ownership whilst improving your data security?
  3. Can be set up easily without expensive implementation?
  4. Integrates seamlessly with other business applications?
  5. Supports a range of clock in/out data capture options?
  6. Can be customised to facilitate your HR processes and procedures?
  7. Offers flexible pricing plans that will scale with your business?
  8. Provides customer support if required?
  9. Continues to be developed with regular new releases?
  10. Has similar companies in its customer base?

Our software is proven to: significantly reduce administration overheads, accurately capture time tracking data, facilitate advanced rota planning, improve workforce planning, automate Bradford Factor scoring, prevent time fraud, reduce the cost of absenteeism, keep employee data secure, and generate insightful time reports.

The best way to get started with People HR’s time and attendance software is to take a free trial. People HR is cloud-based so you don’t need any in-house IT support, and whenever you log in you’re always accessing the latest version of the software. There’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and you can access your entire HR system via any browser on any device. It couldn’t be simpler!

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