What are the benefits of our staff appraisal software?

Our People HR performance appraisal software replaces out-dated paper processes to engage employees and drive performance. Our  HR appraisal software helps managers conduct regular reviews with every employee. So you can see how they contribute to the company, and they can give you effective feedback that enacts change for a better future.

You’ll be able to set definitive goals for employees, encourage open communication and see higher overall productivity and performance.

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Key features of our staff appraisal software

Our performance appraisal software has been designed with employees in mind. Managers will also love the time and energy saving features and functions.


Engaging Mobile App

The online appraisal logbook can be accessed anywhere, any time, via the People HR app. No more difficult to use paper-based forms or word documents!


Easy to complete appraisal questionnaires

Design your appraisal questionnaires in a few clicks. It’s easy to align your questions to your business goals and company values.

Set goals for employees in just a few clicks. Monitor progress towards the goals, and track improvement year on year.


Provide continuous performance feedback

Nurture an open dialogue between employees and their managers with instant and continuous feedback features. Support job performance and good mental health.


Stay compliant with HR law

Using HR performance appraisal software can also help you stay compliant with HR employment law. This makes it easy to update your processes and procedures.

Integrated with your other software systems

People HR software integrates with a wide range of popular business applications. So you can automate your HR processes from start to finish. Our integrations directory makes it fast and easy to connect your systems and streamline your employee data.

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Employee engagement
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Easy to use employee staff appraisal software

Our appraisal software is sleek and straightforward to use. Managers will find it easy to keep on top of employee performance reviews, saving them precious time for other tasks. In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Set realistic goals for employees
  • Review progress against goals
  • Identify and address performance issues
  • Motivate employees to meet their targets
  • Provide real-time employee feedback

Measure and monitor employee performance

Our performance appraisal software allows you to hold performance reviews on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis to monitor progress over time. Our appraisal software helps determine employees’ strengths and weaknesses, so you can identify your top performers and support their professional development. Whilst also helping you discover employees that potentially need additional training or discussions about improving their performance plan.

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Visual Showing Performance Review Templates

Streamline the performance appraisal process

Build performance review templates for different job roles, areas of the business, or different sites. People HR’s employee engagement software helps you deliver consistent appraisals and keeps sensitive data safe and secure. It’s never been easier to:

  • Define questions to ask in appraisals
  • Capture text from employees and managers
  • Automate process workflows and notifications
  • Create and share reports instantly

Appraisal software improves your employee retention & happiness

At People HR, we know employees are your first priority. Ensure your employee’s performance review is a two-way process with our appraisal  software. With it, your employees will have the opportunity to share their career aspirations and company feedback freely, and without hesitation. 

This way you can work together to support their professional development, track their year on year progress and curate their talent. Not only will the company get a chance to acknowledge employee efforts, but you’ll get to hear what they think the future of the company looks like. After all, a happy and engaged employee drives productivity and growth.

Happy Employees

Employee appraisal software FAQs

Employee appraisal software is a web app or program designed to keep employees enthralled with their professional development and keep them satisfied and productive within their role. 

Performance appraisal software keeps track of everything from employee performance appraisals, to s one-to-ones with line managers. The goal of the software is to avoid absenteeism and lack of motivation, but also to give managers and HR the opportunity to analyse their overall culture, performance and potential growth

Performance appraisals, also known as performance reviews or evaluations, are beneficial to both employers and employees. They help supervisors identify top-performing employees, as well as those who need additional support. Giving employees regular feedback on their work helps them to understand the professional development required to move forward in their career, and keeps them engaged with the company's overarching goals.

See our tips How to Conduct an Appraisal Step By Step.

Appraisals that require time-consuming form filling will fail to engage employees. Performance review software streamlines the appraisal process with best practice formats, designed with your employees in mind. The benefits include:

  • Time-saving for managers: appraisals can take place on a more regular, quarterly basis.
  • Engaging questionnaire formats: easy to complete and share the answers.
  • Available online and via the app: access appraisals anywhere, any time via any device. Perfect for mobile workforces and remote workers.
  • Better data security: confidential HR information is kept safe and secure in the cloud.

People HR’s performance appraisal software is straightforward and easy to use.. Our modern interface and support ensures that managers and their reporting employees are getting a good and helpful experience from the software. It also encourages employees to engage more with the appraisal process.

People HR software makes it easy to automate your appraisal process, manage questionnaires, and evaluate reports. The software also supports 360-degree feedback from employees’ colleagues and co-workers.

Yes. Cloud-based HR software can improve data security across your business. For example, People HR software is designed with robust security features, including multiple layers of encryption to protect your sensitive data. This means it is likely to be more secure than storing employee data on your company devices. People HR software also processes and stores data within secure data centres in line with GDPR best practices.

You can use People HR performance appraisal software on any device with an Internet connection. No need to be in the office or sat at a computer. Access the appraisal software via a browser or the People HR app.

​​HR appraisal software is now cost-effective and accessible for small and medium businesses. Most HR software solutions offer options to pay monthly or annually. Automating your processes and having all your people data in one place reduces your administrative overheads. This alone will mean you achieve a significant return on investment.

To get started with our People HR employee appraisal software, check out our 4 minute video tour. It will guide you through some of the most powerful and useful features of our HR software and mobile HR app. Then start your free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to use. No credit card required.

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