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"We chose Access PeopleHR because the software is really powerful, flexible, and intuitive. Its capabilities and how incredibly user-friendly it is, have made it easy for our team to transition to using it. We have been particularly blown away by the recruitment module and the application tracking software (ATS)"

Rachel Coaker, Strategic Director of Finance and Resources at CANW

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How HR software empowers charities & non-profits


Simple people planning

Replace cumbersome spreadsheets with People HR’s automated people planning function and be confident you have the staff & volunteers needed to operate effectively, every day.


Compliant data capture

Need more volunteers? Log their details in a few easy steps. And if they become employees, simply update their status in the system for hassle-free, GDPR compliant HR administration.


Enthuse new volunteers

Develop, customise and automate your volunteer and orientation process, complete with signposts to essential training, ensuring they feel valued from their first interaction with HR.


Onboard with ease

Automate time-draining tasks like documentation checking and signing with intelligent workflows and alerts to ensure ‘right to work’ forms and ‘additional checks’ are all in place.


Make HR mobile

Make it easy for your employees to manage their personal data and documentation, book holiday, read updates and request support from their manager – all from their smartphone.


Streamline recruitment

Centralise your charity’s recruitment process, publish jobs, shortlist candidates, and identify the individuals your growing team needs to carry out the fantastic work you do.

What our charity and non-profit customers say about us...

Information at your fingertips
"With a bigger and clearer picture at our fingertips, we’re now doing a better job of making sure everybody receives their fair share of the training budget, and that the training is relevant."
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EmployAbility GalwayEmployAbility Galway
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Used daily
"The People HR system is really in line with our culture and we see our people use it pretty much every day"
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Kim DeverallElla's Kitchen
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Why choose our HR software for charities & non profits?

Charities and non profits face challenges that help local and global communities on a day to day basis, yet HR can be one of the most frustrating elements of keeping the business running. With our specialist HR software for charities, we can help eliminate those HR troubles so you can stay focused on the remarkable work you do.   

With our HR software, your charity or non profit will see improved efficiency, better employee & volunteer engagement, and of course, you can be confident that your data will be fully compliant and secure. Our HR software for charities start with a 14 day free trial, so you can see exactly how our HR software will make an impact. Start your journey with People HR today.

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Efficient & effective charity recruitment

People HR has a built-in Applicant Tracking System designed to help charities streamline their recruitment process, publish job & volunteer opportunities, and shortlist candidates. Our ATS is fully optimised for mobile, for both charity managers and prospective employees, as well as having countrywide reach with the video interview app.

Applicant Tracking System

Streamline challenging tasks with HR software

People HR’s team planner helps charities and non-profits quickly and easily see who is working and when. This makes it easy to search records of all types of absences, so you can eliminate the risk of accidental understaffing. Manage holidays, sickness, TOIL and other types of annual leave, all in one central location. And authorise time-off requests, fairly and transparently, with a single tap. No matter the HR challenge you face in your charity, People HR have the HR software solution to solve it.

Absence Management Software
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Simplify repetitive HR tasks

HR software for charities makes capturing and maintaining accurate and compliant data records easy. Onboarding your hybrid team of volunteers and employees is no longer a challenge with our intelligent workflows that guide individuals intuitively through your welcome and orientation process, from start to finish.. Automate repetitive tasks like data capture, form filling and sharing training information, and be guided through new, data-sensitive processes with our expert HR guidance suggestions.

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Show your appreciation for jobs well done

Non-profit organisations depend on people to help run projects, raise funds, organise events, and manage day-to-day administration – so making each member & volunteer feel valued for their contribution is vitally important to your mission. People HR software for charities has a whole host of easy-to-use features to keep your teams engaged and communicating with each other via news alerts, opinions, polls, virtual ‘thanks’ awards, secure chat, 360 feedback and more!

Performance Reviews
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Integrated with your other software systems

We’ve teamed up with some of the most popular HR and business applications, to help you automate even more routine tasks, and make HR even faster and easier. Browse our integrations directory below, to discover which systems connect with People HR.

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Access Payroll
Access Payroll
Sage Payroll
Access Payroll Services
Access Payroll Services
ADP 300 86
Access Learning
Access Learning
Learning Management System
Glassdoor 300 86
Applicant Tracking Systems
Google Docs Logo 300
Google Docs
Zapier 300 86
Word Excel 300 86
Word and Excel
Slack 300 86
Rotacloud 300 86
Time Tracking
Employee engagement

Our HR software pricing

At People HR we offer HR software for charities & non-profits at a discounted rate. See our transparent regular pricing below; get in touch with one of our experts for more information.



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Per employee, Per month

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Per employee, Per month

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Talk with an expert

If you need advice on HR software for charities we are always here to talk. Just fill in the form below and one of our HR software experts will be in touch straight away.