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Paycircle is an HMRC recognised, RTI compliant payroll system that pays employees on time, every time. 

Manual payroll processing can be a drain on resources, which is why Paycircle does all the heavy lifting with full automation and customisable reports - freeing up time to focus on other essential activities without costing anything more in time or resources.

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Why our payroll software is different

Paycircle isn’t like other payroll systems. Created through a unique collaboration between designers and payroll specialists, it’s easy to use and affordable for smaller businesses too. With features and functionality including, but not limited to:



We put user experience at the heart of what we do. You can see this for yourself with our simple, intuitive interface which makes our payroll software easy for anyone to use.


Auto-run your payroll

Once set up, our software can auto-run your payroll in seconds every month for as many people as you like.


Automated checks

Built-in, error-free automation and checks to streamline your payroll processes and keep you compliant.


Employee self-service

Employees can access their payslips from any device, whenever they need them


Alerts and notifications

Proactive alerts and customisable notifications make sure nothing gets missed or overlooked.


Switch anytime

No need to wait for payroll year end. Switch and migrate your payroll software to Paycircle anytime of year with our effortless managed onboarding.


Integrate with our HR software

Effortlessly integrates with PeopleHR, so you get all of your HR and pay data in one place.

Run payroll in seconds with no-click processing

Harnessing the power of automation, our software streamlines and simplifies payroll processes for busy SMBs. From submitting pension files, scheduling HMRC tax payments, and generating payslips, our automated payroll software can auto-run your payroll in seconds on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis - for as many people as you like.

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Proactive alerts that keep you compliant

Paycircle has three types of payroll alerts to help ensure you have eyes on everything, and, importantly, that you remain compliant. Whether it’s a simple notice that something has changed, a warning alert that needs to be checked or an error alert that something urgently needs your attention, you can rest assured that you’ll be made aware of all potential issues before running payroll. 

Stay in control with full payroll visibility and avoid the cost of payroll errors.

Payroll Proactive Alerts

Proud to be trusted by UK SMBs

Discover the benefits of cloud-based payroll software

Tired of inefficient manual processes? Don’t wait till payroll year end. Our effortless managed onboarding can help you seamlessly transition from on-premise payroll systems to secure, cloud-based payroll software at any time of year.

With Paycircle: Cloud-based Payroll

With Paycircle: Cloud-based Payroll

  • Zero-click automation to run payroll without lifting a finger
  • Automatic pension enrolment and integration with core providers
  • Employee self service with access to key information
  • Secure and compliant cloud platform
  • Always HMRC compliant via proactive management and alerts
  • Higher ROI of scalable and future-proofed cloud-based system
  • Automatic backups and updates
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Without Paycircle: On-premise Payroll

Without Paycircle: On-premise Payroll

  • Ineffective manual payroll processing, prone to errors
  • Manual pension set up with multiple checks
  • Time-consuming emails and employee queries
  • Risks around data security
  • Keeping ahead of HMRC legislative changes and ensuring payroll is compliant
  • High cost of maintaining IT suite 
  • No automatic backups or updates
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Connect your workforce with integrated payroll software

Paycircle payroll software integrates seamlessly with our HR software for SMBs, providing you with a more joined-up view of all of your HR data.

With an integrated solution,  data related to key HR functions such as absence or shift management,  flows instantly and directly to payroll, reducing the risk of costly errors and manual processing. . With all employee information  held securely in one place, you can make informed decisions about your people, your budgets and your business.

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Payroll software FAQs

Payroll software is a cloud-based or on-premises solution for paying your staff. It increases the accuracy of inputting and managing all payroll data, guaranteeing that employees receive the necessary payment on time.

With an approved payroll software, you can comply with the government’s tax requirements, provide customised and automated payments, and keep track of all payroll documents in one place.

Visit our guide on What is Payroll Software to find out more about how it works, features, and benefits.

Payroll software needs to be HMRC accredited so you can report crucial PAYE data online. If you’re a new business, you’ll need to register as an employer with HMRC to get the references you need to start paying your employees through payroll software.

Small businesses need payroll software to help them manage their payroll efficiently and accurately. Payroll software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with payroll, such as calculating wages, withholding taxes, and generating paychecks. This can save small businesses a significant amount of time and money, as well as ensure that they are in complying with UK payroll laws and regulations.

Managed in-house payroll refers to payroll processing that is handled internally, often using spreadsheets and basic payroll processing. In-house can be comfortable because it's inexpensive and your business has full control, but you may be outgrowing it if you’re seeing payroll errors or increased growth.

The next options for your business could either be scalable payroll software, or payroll outsourcing. Find out more in our managed in-house payroll vs outsourcing payroll guide.

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