Stay up to date on tasks and deadlines

Utilising your HR software is one thing, but understanding it fully and using it to its maximum potential is a whole different game. That’s why at People HR, we’ve incorporated HR task management at the core of our software, so that you can easily manage all the HR tasks that need doing in one place–whether that’s approving absences or reviewing candidates.

To complement our HR task management software, we’ve incorporated HR alerts that will help you make key decisions easier. You’ll receive prompts and notifications following completed tasks to help processes run smoothly. Your HR processes will be more intelligent and more informed than ever.

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HR task management software key features

HR can be complicated and confusing, especially if you’re juggling lots of different roles at once. But People HR’s task management and HR alerts makes decision making easier and guides you all of the way.

Create & delegate tasks

Create & delegate tasks

By using our software to create clear and concise tasks, HR managers can ensure that their team members know what is expected of them.

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Through years of HR process analysis, People HR software knows when to prompt you when something crucial needs your attention.

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HR Alerts & Notifications

HR Alerts & Notifications

From renewing right to work information, to remembering that all-important birthday card, our HR software includes reminders that keep your company running smoothly.

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Guided decision making

Expert HR alerts built into every element of PeopleHR

Our HR alerts remind you of key decision points, to help you make smarter choices, faster. You just changed an employee's bank details - perhaps you should notify payroll? A new employee has just been onboarded - you need to add their name, start date and details to the system? A HR alert will notify you of these things!


See how you stack up against your peers

PeopleHR tracks key HR metrics, and benchmarks your progress against other companies in your industry. By using our HR task management software to see how you compare against other businesses, you can identify which areas of HR might need a little extra attention. And by keeping track of your competitors, you can help your company stay ahead of the game.

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Answers when you need them most

Our HR task management software and HR alerts are there to help you through HR processes automatically. However, we understand that not all questions can be answered online. That’s why we’ve got a support team on hand to help you with your HR tasks and queries, as well as multiple online training documents on hand for you to refer back to when you need it.

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What our customers say about us...

More connected with the business
"Our employees all feel more connected with the business – they love the Self Service functionality, and love that they can access its great modern interface using their smart phones."
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Ministry of SoundMinistry of Sound
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No more manually processing
"Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips."
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1st Technologies1st Technologies
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Single point of truth we were looking for
"I have found People to be the supportive, single point of truth we were looking for"
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HR Task Management Software & HR Alert FAQs

HR task management software is a type of software that helps HR professionals to manage their everyday tasks more effectively. With it, they can create and delegate tasks, track task progress, manage deadlines and communicate with employees.

HR task management software is a valuable tool in many ways. It helps save time, improve efficiency and ensure tasks are completed on time. HR departments will typically benefit from task creation and delegation, task tracking, deadline management and HR alerts that prompt action.

HR alerts & reminders are recommendations from industry experts and data that keeps your business compliant and running smoothly. With HR alerts, a HR team will learn how to identify and mitigate risks, utilise HR data and nurture employees. Becoming a self-sufficient and knowledgeable HR department takes time, and HR reminders are an essential step in keeping your HR team learning and progressing.

If you are a small business without a dedicated HR team, it can be hard to know if you're staying compliant with the law. Although training sessions on compliance are essential, having on-demand HR alerts and reminders helps you to remain compliant when it’s really needed. With People HR’s built in alerts, when you complete one task, suggestions on follow up tasks relating to compliance will appear, giving you insights on staying compliant you may have forgotten about.

To get started with our People HR software, check out our 4 minute video tour. It will guide you through some of the most powerful and useful features of our HR software and mobile HR app. Then start your free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to use. No credit card required.