Paycircle custom reporting

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Harness the power of true cloud and access the reservoir of your data to build custom reports for your bureau and your customers. Select the type of report you require, choose the exact content, the format to display the results and run the report for a single company or across your entire bureau. And the best bit – you don’t need to be a database analyst to use Paycircle’s custom report builder.

Insights across all your data

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It’s your data so make the most of it!

You can build reports that provide your bureau with powerful insights about your customers, your bureau’s performance and even the industry in general.

The report builder is super fast and you can view all of your results online on your screen. Why not take it for a spin and see what interesting insights you can find out.

Build your own

Build your own paycircle reports

You don’t need to be a data specialist to build reports in Paycircle.

You can build reports that provide data in formats that are digestible for specific audiences and for specific customers. You can choose what data to pivot on, the exact format to present information. You can do this for single companies and company groups and you can run across multiple periods. All reports can be viewed online and downloaded in any format you choose.

Packs a punchPaycircle report packs 1-example

Set custom report packs for your customers. You can choose the checking reports and final reports that each company gets during their own payroll process. Build and save templates, add them to default bureau packs or custom packs for each customer. And for those customers who’d like a little bit more control, why not give them access to the report builder so that they can build their own reports.

Author: Catherine Pinkney