Payroll collaboration in the cloud

Payroll Collaboration

Introducing Paycircle’s new Workflow and Collaboration features – built to revolutionise the way that bureaus work, both internally and with their customers, to manage the process of running payrolls. Embraced properly, this new functionality is game-changing for sure.

Here at Paycircle we think that the payroll industry has been neglected and overlooked, from a technology perspective, for a long time. We have a passion for creating great user experiences and we are driven to solve problems by getting to the heart of matters. We’re also nuts about harnessing the true power of cloud architecture. Our latest update, which includes many new features under the banner of ‘Workflow and Collaboration’, is a testament to all that makes us tick.

workflow example

Here are a few of the highlights from our ‘Workflow and Collaboration’ suite of features and functionality that are now live in Paycircle.

Payroll Notes – it’s WhatsApp for payroll

Payroll notes

Everyone has access to their own online portal, with permissions set to be able to do all the things that they need to do at the point that they need to do them.

Employers can access their portal to leave notes for their bureau team. They can upload files and leave instructions and then confirm when they’re done so that their bureau can prepare their payroll, ready for processing.

Bureau teams can ask questions and qualify instructions, they can also let the employer know when draft calculations and reports are available to view and approve – all via the employer’s portal.

Notes can be left at any point during the payroll process and the system automatically sends email notifications to let collaborators know that there’s a new note if they’re not logged in at the time.

Serious ‘inbox’ decluttering stuff.

Smooth the flow with Workflow

workflow example payroll

Set process steps and deadlines and assign collaborators to complete tasks and approve process steps. Collaborators can be your internal team or your customers and the system will automatically send notifications and reminders when tasks are due and overdue.

Bureaus can keep track of everything with their own workflow dashboard and task management areas and tasks can be easily assigned and reassigned during holidays and busy periods.

Bureaus can turn notes left by employers into tasks and assign them to themselves or to another member of their team and all notes, tasks and logs are saved to the payroll history and linked to the appropriate pay period.

The best bit of all is that it’s all linked to payroll – so you don’t have to update a separate spreadsheet or workflow tracker every time you complete a task or process step. And bureau managers get a top-level view of everything so that they can keep track of the progress of all payrolls. All mega time-saving stuff.

Manage your time with Paycircle’s tasks and deadline management tools

overdue tasks

Bureau team members get a clear view of what’s on their plate and what their priorities are, every minute of the working day.

They can also check the workflow tasks of other collaborators – to see if any tasks are overdue, in case they need to intervene. In cases where they do need to pick up the baton, they can override a workflow step or re-assign tasks to themselves for completion.

Bureau managers can design their dashboard and notifications settings so that they can track when any workflow step or task is overdue at a bureau level. They can ensure that their bureau team are keeping everything ‘green’ and that there’s nothing turning or staying ‘red’.

Time to ditch email and say bye bye to password protected spreadsheets. Let’s get collaborating in the cloud.

Author: Catherine Pinkney