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About Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen was set up by Paul Lindley to promote healthy eating amongst babies and young children.

Ella’s Kitchen are a highly entrepreneurial and values driven company which has achieved impressive growth to over £80m turnover, with a team of 80 employees based at Ella’s Barn near Henley. 

Their baby and toddler food pouches can be found in key retailers across the UK as well across Scandinavia and BeNeLux, in a handful of other European and Middle Eastern markets and the Far East.

Ella’s Kitchen are a brand recognised for its high quality ingredients and ethical credentials which are visible throughout our supply chain and in our social and charity work.

Ella’s is part of the Hain Celestial group and we are very proud to be an accredited B’Corps and included in the Sunday Times Best Companies top 100 list 5 years in a row!

Why Ella’s Kitchen chose Access PeopleHR?

Ella’s Kitchen was driven to seek HR software in 2015 as a result of the significant growth that the company experienced since coming to market in 2006. The HR team needed software that would automate tasks and reduce the cumbersome paperwork associated with time-consuming, manual processes. There was also the need for the software to hold and manage all employee data to centralise all HR activities internally.

The team at Ella’s Kitchen researched the market and other HR software providers and came across Access PeopleHR.

“PeopleHR appealed to us as it was HR software that we could trust and rely on, it was easy to use, and it also aligned with our company values and culture,” says Kim Deverall, HR Coordinator at Ella’s Kitchen.

“From an employee’s perspective, PeopleHR was an ideal choice as all the holiday and sickness records, appraisals (both previous and active) and internal documents can be accessed from one, centralised place, at any time,” continues Kim.

“The applicant tracking system in PeopleHR helps us to meet Ella’s recruitment and hiring needs, as we can screen candidates and track time-to-hire to ensure that we are filling roles quickly and seamlessly, and ultimately keep up with the continuous growth of the business,” explains Kim.

Additionally the applicant tracking system supports Ella’s Kitchen in enhancing the candidate experience from the point of hire to onboarding.

4 min demo: Discover how PeopleHR can help your business

Ella’s Kitchen’s favourite thing about Access PeopleHR

“Our favourite thing about Access PeopleHR is the ‘Thanks Badges’ feature as it helps us to enhance employee engagement and morale, which really aligns with Ella’s values. Employees actively use this feature every week to publicly share their thanks on ‘Thank you Thursday’,” says Kim.

The HR team export the Thanks Badges data from PeopleHR and share it internally to improve employee wellbeing and promote a happy and positive workplace culture.

What benefits has Ella’s Kitchen seen since using Access PeopleHR?

Since using Access PeopleHR, Ella’s Kitchen has seen a reduction in the time taken to complete admin tasks. As all of the data is held, managed and readily available in PeopleHR, the HR team can now look back at previous information and files without wasting time searching for the data they need.

“Having all of our data in one place also helps us with reporting. For example, sickness absence can be tracked and reported on easily. Prior to PeopleHR, we were reporting manually which was difficult and time-consuming,” explains Kim.

With all of the data in one, central location, it also helps Ella’s Kitchen remain compliant, from both a GDPR and employment law perspective.

More recently, Ella’s Kitchen upgraded their PeopleHR plan to include the Ripple® feature.

“The beauty of PeopleHR, I find, is that a lot of the features can be tailored to what you need and require. For example, the employee information, log books and Ripple® can all be tailored, which is really helpful,” says Kim.

Ripple® lets you automate any repetitive manual process, by building your own custom workflows. Workflows are easy to build, and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set.

Whether you’re saving time dealing with new starters and leavers, or whether you’re making sure unique company processes never get missed, Ripple® lets you simply ‘set and forget’ your essential HR admin.

Has Ella’s Kitchen felt well supported by Access PeopleHR?

“Yes, definitely. We have been with PeopleHR for over half of Ella’s lifetime. The software is easy to use, but whenever we have needed support, the PeopleHR team have always been reactive and helpful. We also find the chat service that is available really useful,” says Kim.