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Team Comparing Hr Software Prices
HR Software
March 24, 2023
An honest review of ‘off the shelf’ HR software
We give an honest, unbiased review of "off-the-shelf" HR software. Learn about the pros and cons, and whether this solution is right for your business.
Webinar Image
March 23, 2023
An Access People HR Deep Dive: From HR challenges to solutions
Join our product manager Fraser Graham as he gives you an overview of how you can transform HR within your SMB in 2023. Save time, and money and find out how Access People solutions can support you to attract, nurture and engage talent.
HR Manager discussing Applicant tracking system cost
March 22, 2023
How much does an Applicant Tracking System cost in 2023?
Hiring and retaining the best talent is critical in today’s landscape. And recruitment automation is one way to boost your hiring efforts. Want to get ahead of the game? Read this article.
Employee Performance
employee engagement
March 17, 2023
How HR Software Drives Employee Engagement
HR software is one of the key drivers of employee engagement in businesses, encouraging transparency, clear feedback and benefits. Learn more here.
Self Service HR Product Page
March 16, 2023
What Is Employee Self Service (ESS) & How Does It Work?
Employee self service (ESS) gives employees the freedom to handle tasks in HR, IT and recruitment on their own. Learn more about how ESS works today.
Colleagues comparing HR software suppliers UK
HR Software
March 15, 2023
How does PeopleHR compare against other HR software suppliers?
Are you researching different HR software providers? In this article, we compare PeopleHR with three popular providers: BreatheHR, BrightHR and Personio.
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