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February 26, 2024
Payroll year end checklist: Steps and guidance for SMBs
This article provides a comprehensive checklist for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to effectively manage their payroll year-end tasks, outlining key dates to ensure compliance and smooth transition into the new tax year.
Person Reviewing Annual Leave Report
February 14, 2024
Annual Leave Report 2024: The state of annual leave in the UK by industry
Deep dive into how different industries are affected by the decline in annual leave uptake, holiday entitlement growth and the most popular days to book leave.
Manager Reviewing Annual Leave Reset
November 30, 2023
How To Decide Your Holiday Year
When does annual leave reset? Most businesses start their holiday leave in January or April. Learn more about managing your team's annual leave here.
1St Technologies
November 28, 2023
1st Technologies
“By automating tasks, we would be able to reduce the administrative burden on the team and streamline operations across the business. We knew this would contribute towards increasing employee value and job satisfaction also,” says Steve Whittingham-Topliss, HR and Compliance Manager at 1st Technologies.
What Is A Duvet Day Infographic
November 22, 2023
What Is A Duvet Day & How To Track Them
Duvet days are a great way for employees to recharge if they feel stressed, overworked or under the weather. Learn what duvet days and how to track them here.
Webinar Cover Image Integrating Payroll V3
October 26, 2023
Connecting PeopleHR and Payroll: Introducing the all-new PeopleHR integration into Payroll
This webinar introduces an exciting evolution of the all-new PeopleHR integration into Payroll. We understand the importance of seamless and efficient HR management, which is why we're thrilled to present this enhancement.
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