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About The Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project is a global wellbeing consultancy of business psychologists and wellbeing specialists. Passionate about workplace wellbeing, their team provide evidence-based programmes to their clients, which support lasting behavioural change.

The consultancy focusses on culture, environment, business practices, leadership skills, communication and teamwork as well as personal resilience and resourcefulness, self-confidence and self-belief, work life balance, energy management and nutrition.

They work across all industries and sectors to put healthy high performance at the heart of how the world does business.

The Wellbeing Project’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for organisations to embed a high performing culture where employees thrive, and the business excels.

The Wellbeing Project’s solutions combine the very best of both digital and traditional methodology, underpinned by the latest research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and sports science.

What challenges made The Wellbeing Project want to seek out new HR software?

The Wellbeing Project had numerous, siloed systems and manual workaround methods to complete HR admin and activities. Holidays and absences were being booked and managed in one system, and documents were being signed and stored in another. Excel spreadsheets, emails and paper-based processes were also being relied on.

In addition to the HR team spending time navigating their way around different systems, the wider team were being signposted to different places to perform various tasks.

“We were navigating and operating a lot of different systems which was time-consuming, unnecessarily complicated and draining resource - which we didn’t really have as we’re a small team. In short, we were doing a lot and achieving very little, so we wanted to simplify our HR processes and bring everything together on one, central platform,” says Emma Roovis, HR Lead at The Wellbeing Project.

Why did The Wellbeing Project select Access PeopleHR?

The Wellbeing Project researched various HR software providers, cross-checking the functionality and offerings against its key criteria.

The HR team narrowed the search down to two providers, with one of the two being Access PeopleHR.

“I’ve used PeopleHR in two previous roles, and although it has evolved and developed, it’s a system that I knew and trusted. The other system we looked at didn’t have an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS). So, in order to meet our needs, we’d have needed to find and pay for an additional ATS to work in conjunction with the HR solution. It wasn’t an ideal option, as it would have still been clunky, not user-friendly, and overly complicated,” says Emma.

The Wellbeing Project selected Access PeopleHR as a fully comprehensive platform in a central, secure cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS), to modernise and bring together all their HR processes and data.

“As a result of using Access PeopleHR previously, I have experienced first-hand just how much the software can benefit a business. I knew what The Wellbeing Project was signing up for, and I was excited about the opportunities that the software would bring,” continues Emma.

What benefits has The Wellbeing Project experienced since using Access PeopleHR?

“Since using Access PeopleHR, all our problems and challenges have been solved. The small, every day, basic HR admin tasks have been made so much easier, simpler, and less time consuming. I personally have saved a couple of hours each week on payroll activities alone, which has helped free up my time to focus on more strategic HR activity,” says Emma.

The Wellbeing Project is no longer reliant on manually processing expense data via spreadsheets, as Access PeopleHR’s expense feature has:

  • Empowered employees to be more self-sufficient by submitting expense requests and receipts via desktop or mobile app;
  • Eliminated the risk of human error and reduced the admin on the HR team;
  • Saved the HR team time by enabling them to approve/decline requests, again via desktop of mobile app; and,
  • Provided admins and managers with access to a plethora of reports.

The PeopleHR mobile app has been a gamechanger. We’ve seen an improvement in productivity and efficiency across the organisation. And the app has enabled us to give time back to employees and managers to work on more value-add activities,” says Emma.

The HR team also now have a paper trail in place to document when employees have read and accepted policies.


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The Wellbeing Project’s favourite thing(s) about Access PeopleHR

We loved how easy and quick the implementation process was. We are a small team with limited resource, so appreciate the support and resource we were given throughout, particularly with the data migration and upload. And, the best part is, even after implementing Access PeopleHR, the support has continued to be great. The team are very friendly, helpful and professional, and that goes a long way,” says Emma.

The Wellbeing Project - like all Access PeopleHR customers on Professional, Elite and Enterprise packages - has access to a range of content and resources, such as articles, how-to guides, training courses and FAQs through the Access PeopleHR Help Centre.

What are your plans with Access PeopleHR going forward?

Currently, The Wellbeing Project are looking to enhance their appraisal processes with the help of the integrated performance module.

Access PeopleHR’s staff appraisal functionality will ensure we can provide continuous performance feedback to all our employees. It will open that dialogue between employees and their managers to have honest and productive communication, so that, as a business, we can support an individual’s job performance, career development, and mental health in the workplace,” says Emma.

The performance component helps managers to conduct more detailed, regular reviews with all employees to help them engage, drive performance and improve overall productivity. By identifying how each employee is contributing to The Wellbeing Project, managers and the HR team can set goals.

Using Access PeopleHR’s performance software also helps The Wellbeing Project remain compliant with HR employment law.

What advice would you give to another business looking for HR software?

I would definitely recommend reaching out to the team at Access PeopleHR. When you’re introducing new HR software, it all comes down to personal preference, as it’s all about how the solution can meet the business’ specific needs. You need to look at your aims, what you’re trying to achieve and whether the software would compliment your company culture,” says Emma.

"Access PeopleHR didn’t take much selling into our directors and C-suite as it ticked all the boxes, so it was an easy decision to make. Although you should take the time to make sure you make an informed decision, with a system like Access PeopleHR you can’t go wrong as it has all the HR functionality needed to overcome common problems,” concludes Emma.