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Workflow software to automate repetitive HR tasks

Do you need a better way to manage your HR processes? Are you tired of dealing with paperwork and managing spreadsheets? If so, you need workflow management software - more specifically -  Ripple®: Workflow Management System for HR. Our workflow software will help you automate your processes and improve communication between employees. With Ripple®, you can rest assured that your HR Essentials are being taken care of.  

HR workflow software that saves you time

Ripple® is a workflow management system designed specifically for HR departments. We understand the unique challenges you face, and our smart workflow software is built to help you save time when it comes to 

  • Authorizing time off and overtime 
  • Approving expenses 
  • Tracking time at work
  • Informing payroll of changes 
  • On-boarding new starters 
  • And hundreds of other repetitive tasks 

It's workflow management designed to allow you to focus on the side of HR you love, instead of those labour-intensive tasks. 

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HR workflow automation for complete peace of mind

If you need to stay on top of your HR processes, but don't want the hassle of managing paperwork and spreadsheets, then Ripple® is perfect for you. HR workflow automation means you can collect accurate data and keep it safe and secure, without draining your time.  

Maintain your:  

  • Performance reviews 
  • Off-boarding and candidate shortlisting 
  • Requests 
  • Forms 
  • Notifications 
  • Tasks and more 

Automate hr tasks in minutes

Worried that a workflow management system will take years to set up? Not here! We have the recipes for success. Pick from our most used pre-defined processes or design your own custom workflows with our process builder packed with a range of HR workflow automations. Ripple® helps you automate HR tasks you’ve been struggling to control for years!

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Manage your hr workflow software at a glance

We make workflow management easy, with a dashboard so you can see all your processes in one place. See what's active, completed or on hold. Search and filter to find what you need quickly and easily.  

Workflow management software that puts communication first

Data is only useful if it's understood by everyone. That's why with Ripple® you can automate HR tasks – but also get real-time visibility on everything in your workflow so you can communicate out. Share outstanding tasks, see handy reminders and let notifications do the hard work for you.

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Integrated with your other software systems

Our workflow management software plays well with others - and can be used with some of the most popular HR and business applications. Ready to get your HR tasks moving from 'to do' to 'done?' Browse our integrations directory below and discover which systems connect with People HR.

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Access Payroll
Access Payroll
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Sage Payroll
Access Payroll Services
Access Payroll Services
ADP 300 86
Access Learning
Access Learning
Learning Management System
Glassdoor 300 86
Applicant Tracking Systems
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Google Docs
Zapier 300 86
Word Excel 300 86
Word and Excel
Slack 300 86
Rotacloud 300 86
Time Tracking
Employee engagement

What our customers say about us...

Greater understanding of employee demographics
"People HR has given me a great understanding of employee demographics, and I’m starting to identify patterns and trends."
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Ascot RacecourseAscot Racecourse
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User friendly and has been really well received
"People HR is very user friendly and has been really well received in our organisation. The support team are very quick to help. I would recommend it!"
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Christ Church London HRChrist Church London HR
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Create a compliance snapshot for the entire company
"I wanted to create a compliance snapshot for the entire company, so that we were ready for the CQC inspection."
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AB MedicalAB Medical
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No more manually processing
"Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips."
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1st Technologies1st Technologies
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Key HR workflow software features

Workflow management is the solution you've been waiting for. That's why we've packed Ripple® with features that will make your life easier. Here are just a few.
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Personalised dashboards

Get easy access to all your HR workflows. Create new ones, edit or drill-down to the real-time status of your HR tasks as they progress.

Pre-defined HR workflows

Automate common HR processes easily by selecting or adapting from our extensive range of pre-defined workflows.

Easy process builder

Unique company processes? Ripple® is on hand. Automate repetitive manual HR processes by quickly and easily building custom workflows to perform hundreds of actions using any employee dataset.

Reminders and notifications

Set up reminders for important dates and create notifications to alert employees when certain conditions are met for a fully automated HR process!

Workflow progress bar

Get accountable! See, at a glance, the status of each of your workflows and see which stages of the process have been completed.

Automated approvals

Automate approvals for requests such as holidays, training, expenses, mileage, timesheets and more with pre-defined process checks and full tracking reports.

Workflow software FAQs

Repetitive processes can be set so software prescribes and triggers a sequence of tasks. You can automate HR tasks using our workflow management software. Ripple™ offers a range of pre-defined workflows, or you can build your own custom workflows with our easy process builder. Simply name your process, select from a range of HR automations and Ripple™ takes care of the rest.

Workflow management (sometimes called process management) is the systematic design, execution, control, and improvement of operational processes within an organisation. It covers all aspects of work from initial conception through to final delivery. Workflows can be defined for any repeatable task, from ordering stock to processing payroll.

Some HR workflow management systems are very easy to use, while others can be a bit more complex. It's important to find one that is easy for your staff to learn and use. After all, you don't want to spend a lot of money on software only to have it sit unused! Our friendly team can get you up and running in just a few days and help you get the most from the solution. From loading data to creating your org chart and user permissions – we have handy comprehensive training guides to answer all your questions. We also offer pre-made recipes to help you get started with your workflows, which really help our users get started, but the system is so simple, even your unique HR tasks can be automated with ease.

There are a number of HR workflows that can be automated with software, for example recruitment and onboarding, time and attendance management, expense management and payroll. An online solution like People HR software offers best-practice workflows to automate all these processes. You could use it to tap in/out to record time at work, populate and approve time-sheets, inform payroll of overtime/absences or investigate and resolve issues with timekeeping.

The answer to that question depends on the software you're looking at. Some HR workflow software packages can be quite expensive, while others are more affordable. It's important to do your research and find the package that fits your needs and your budget. We believe in a transparent pricing policy which is why over 7000 businesses chose our HR software! Our simple pricing structure allows you to build a package that is a perfect fit for you. You never have to pay for users or functionality you don’t need and you can scale up or down. Find out more about our pricing options.

There are a number of reasons to choose People HR software for your HR workflow automation needs. First, our software is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. Second, we offer great customer support and training so you can get up and running quickly. And finally, our prices are competitive without sacrificing quality.  

Our software has a large integration directory to help you connect your business applications and automate HR workflows from end to end.  

If you're ready to start using HR workflow software, the first step is to evaluate your needs. Once you know what workflows you want to automate, you can begin researching different software packages.  If you like the sound of PeopleHR - try us for free! Get started with our workflow software to automate your HR processes with a  free trial. Simply sign up and our friendly support team will guide you through how to get set up. We also recommended taking a look at our 4 minute guided tour for some quick wins!

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